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Click Here To Learn More About Your 12 Session Healing Journey

Do you want to...

Boost Your Vitality

Relieve Allergies

Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Improve Chronic Conditions

Control Weight

Balance Hormonal Issues

Improve Autoimmune Disorders

Manage Pain

Sharpen Your Memory

Alleviate Insomnia

Enhance Wellbeing

Learn about one client's healing journey from a Stage IV diagnosis to complete recovery in 5 months!

As we have adapted to new ways of conducting our lives through the pandemic, all of my sessions have been conducted by phone. This has opened up the possibility of working with clients from around the world and offered me the gift of honing my intuitive skills. While I do miss the connection that healing touch brings, I have found these sessions to be quite intimate and beautifully effective. Please reach out to see if this type of work would be a good fit for you.

Are you a practitioner? Energy Medicine and Intuition Mentoring is now available!

Stacy loves to teach, especially one-on-one. Are you feeling stuck with difficult cases or feel that you need a new approach in working with your clients? Click here  for more information.

It's All About Energy

In Energy Medicine, energy is both the client and the medicine. Your body has it's own natural healing ability which can be accessed through simple exercises as well as through hands-on work. 

We encourage you to take a workshop and learn some great Energy Medicine self-care techniques and feel a shift towards more balance and vitality. These exercises can greatly enhance your experience in a private session and between sessions on your healing journey. 

Stacy L. Newman

Intuitive and Energy Medicine Practitioner

Owner, Sweet Energies, LLC

Co-creator of the Tools for the Sensitive Soul card deck

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