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Customer Testimonials

Stacy is a gift. She's a joy to go do healing work with. 

Before the experience of working with her, I was:

-so lost. 

-feeling stuck in a relationship that didn't nourish me. 

-not knowing how to express what's true for me - and not knowing how to even uncover that. 

-not really knowing how to "let go" of stuff. 

-cycling in and out of deep dark holes. 

-flat out depressed. 

-frequently eruptive.

-desperately wanting to approach life differently, but not knowing where to start.

When I first started working with Stacy, versus now:

I am feeling way more alive - and way more willing to feel everything in everyday life instead of behind food and "productivity." 

I healed so much of sexual shame and memories I didn't even realize were still affecting me. 

I am learning to accept imperfection.

I am no longer in that relationship, and have been able to heal so much more deeply and faster from the breakup.

I have more hope, more often.

I'm learning what my truth even is and why I feel so frustrated about it sometimes.

I know which energy medicine practices work best with my body to help me remain grounded, joyful, and experiencing inner peace, way more than not.

I learned how to not take things sooooo personally. And what to do about it, if I do. And how to accept myself anyway, when I inevitably do.

As a result, I am way more comfortable in my skin. I'm way more comfortable with feeling joy and keeping an open heart. I believe that I can feel "whole" and healed. Since working with Stacy, I've had the energy to commit to eating more nutritious foods, drinking 2-3 liters of water almost daily, and incorporating movement into my life (I now exercise almost daily, with joy, and it's changed my life even more). I am now more compassionate, less "explosive," more willing to ask for what I want (and even know what that is!). I'm more honest, with myself and others, instead of hiding because I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings. And I am experiencing so much more growth, joy, and aliveness, than I have since I can remember. And it keeps growing. 

Physically, some cool things have happened:

The ankle I'd injured years ago, suddenly became way more flexible after just one session where Stacy worked on it. 

My throat used to feel tight/blocked, and as we delved deeper into the issue, Stacy was able to find a technique that completely cleared it up! And gave me tools to help keep it clear. 

This one's a work in progress, but I no longer feel like a "victim" at the mercy of whatever disease or discomfort my body "throws" at "me." My relationship to my body has changed.

My skin is clearer. 

I can think clearer, and feel focused, and retain information (especially details) with more ease. When I do feel brain fog coming in, I now have techniques to handle it.

I sleep easier.

It's also important to say, we met 5-6 weeks straight. After every session, I wrote down Stacy's insights, my own, and researched them later. I committed to doing the Energy Medicine Daily Routine, daily. I attended Stacy's "Sensitive Souls" workshop for learning how to be wanting to feel everything but not letting it get stuck in my body and hurt me long after the fact (basically, how to feel, and let go, and be compassionate, while being in the world). 

All this, and more, because Stacy is an incredible practitioner, so knowledgeable, curious, and absolutely dedicated to the holistic well-being of her clients. She holds space with love and integrity. I trust her. 

When I first came to Stacy, I was still reluctant. I was still thinking I could help myself heal because I was nervous I'd become dependent on a healing practitioner, and never be able to feel "whole" by myself, and I wasn't sure how I'd be able to afford all the sessions I'd wanted. But I was truly in a spiral and sinking in fast. And Stacy made it clear from the beginning her intention was to help her clients be their best selves - and move on from her, transformed, so that they could go show the world their amazing selves and be their best, and only come in for occasional "boosts" or refreshing sessions, when they wanted it. And then to let other people come in. (This is in my words.) This conviction dissolved all my fears of dependency and I welcomed the work and the healing. Stacy worked magic and earned my trust as a client, with her attentiveness and care in helping me heal. Beyond being a wonderful practitioner, she is just a wonderful person and a pleasure to be around.

I so highly recommend Stacy to everyone. Especially if to people who are feeling stuck. Or when nothing else has worked yet. And to people who may be afraid of facing the present. Or who avoid any big future goals or plans, because it brings anxiety. People with anxiety in general, or technology overload and a need to press the "reset" button. Or people who might be wondering why their body does things they don't want it to. People who have traumas and pains they wish they didn't. People who don't know who else to be vulnerable with, but just want some help. Stacy is a gift of a healer, and a person, and I hope you'll experience working with her.

Dariya S. January 2019

Re-energized, centered & optimistic describe what I felt after my deep impact energy cleanse with Reflexology appointment at Breathe. Stacy is an outstanding practitioner, who understood my needs & respected by boundaries. I left the studio feeling more positive than I have in a very long time. Stacy also sent me home with recommended reading & offered me other resources to expand my knowledge of Energy medicine. Thank you for the terrific start to my new year!

K.B. January 2017

After Every energy healing session with Stacy I come out feeling totally renewed, energized, and cleansed. I appreciate the valuable mentoring and support that I receive as well. After working with Stacy's energy treatments for 7-8 months I am seeing real progress with chronic illness and deep trauma release. I am finally able to see what I can do in life beyond my trauma and serious illness and even begin to believe that I can completely heal from these things. Thank you, Stacy.

B.G. March 2016

I had some bodywork done this week with Stacy. I am not sure what I was expecting....but this exceeded all expectations! I ended up totally relaxed, yet energized and I haven't thought about my plantar fasciitis since before getting on the table. This in itself is remarkable. I will be back for another session. Thanks so much Stacy!

S.J. February 2016

Stacy spent time listening to my chronic Achilles problem & came up with a mutual treatment plan. The first acupressure session helped, I'm doing some self-help homework & looking forward to trying acupressure & reflexology together. A worthwhile experience.

M.W. October 2016

After struggling for years with various symptoms, I was finally diagnosed with a debilitating autoimmune thyroid disease that affected my eyes, (severe dry eyes and losing sight) gastro system, and heart for which there is no cure—desperate and scared—I messaged Stacy. She worked on me for 90 minutes. Later that same day, my eyes were healed and remain so. Stacy restored my vision, healed my dry eyes, and is bringing balance back into my body with further treatments. She is loving, knowledgeable, dedicated, and delightful. I wish everyone would know about Stacy, about Eden Energy Medicine, and avail themselves of the ancient old practices that Stacy performs with all wisdom and kindness! Please, make an appointment; you won’t regret it!

R.O. August 2016

I had an amazing experience with Stacy at Breathe. She felt what I needed and delivered specific healing. I was very pleased with the hand-out at the end explaining how I can heal myself between treatments. I highly recommend this peaceful respite for all needful souls. Peace

J.S. October 2016

Nothing but good things to say about my energy session with Stacy. She asked all the right questions, she listened and she provided some really great feedback. I am feeling much better! I can't wait to do it again.

R.L. January 2017

Just finished a series of 3 Eden energy therapy sessions with Stacy at Breathe. When I first came there, my neck had locked up in an excruciatingly painful way. I had been getting regular massages and chiropractic care, but neither the chiropractor or either of the 2 massage therapists I worked with could seem to make any difference. So I thought, maybe this is an energetic thing.......and sure enough, after the second session with Stacy, my chiropractor was able to adjust me successfully , and the massage therapists were both wondering what had happened, because they were able to get into my muscles much more deeply. The sessions are relaxing, and Stacy is extremely knowledgeable, intuitive, and thoughtful. I would recommend that everyone get their energy tuned up regularly. I have already booked another session with her and look forward to the journey of healing myself energetically. Thanks.Stacy and Breathe!

K.P. August 2015

I'm still floating from my energy medicine session with Stacy. I literally felt a shift, a release and an off-load of energetic debris that no longer served me. Stacy's gifts are immense and genuine. So is her heart ❤ Thank you!

H.S. September 2016

Stacy's energy treatment is exquisite...she has extreme attention to detail & amazing intuitiveness...1 of the best energy treatments I've had.

C.S September 2015

Stacy spent time listening to my chronic Achilles problem & came up with a mutual treatment plan. The first acupressure session helped, I'm doing some self-help homework & looking forward to trying acupressure & reflexology together. A worthwhile experience.

M.W. October 2016

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