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Are You Ready to Change Your Life?

Designed to take place over a six-month period, this Energy Medicine package

can seriously change your life! If you are ready to be a full partner in your journey

to wellness, devoting time to daily self-care as well as the healing sessions, then this

is for you.

Month One: 1 session per week

Months Two – Four: 2 sessions per month

Months Five – Six: 1 session per month

(Note: The schedule is adjustable, but recommended in this sequence over 6 months)

Your first session will be a thorough evaluation of your energies, discussion of your healing goals, energy balancing, and instruction in self-care techniques. Each session lasts about 90 minutes and will build upon previous sessions. Assessment and self-care suggestions will be a

part of every session.You will also be given resources and ideas to explore based upon what shows up in your energetic patterns.

Using Intuition and a variety of Energy Medicine healing techniques, these sessions can help you get to the source of your dis-ease and make lasting changes.

Are you ready to significantly enhance your health, vitality, and joy?

This Six-Month Package is available for a one-time payment of $2,495.

The package may be purchased in two payments of $1,300, or in three payments of $900.

In appreciation for your commitment, I will give you a copy of The Little Book of Energy Medicine by Donna Eden and Dondi Dahlin to help you with your self-care program.

Download the detailed intake form here.

Do you want a shorter commitment at a great value?

Packages of Three and Six Sessions are available at a discount. These are to be used within three months of purchase to ensure that you get the most benefit from regular sessions.

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