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Are You Ready to Change Your Life?

Designed to take place over a six-month period, this Energy Medicine package

can seriously change your life! If you are ready to be a full partner in your journey

to wellness, devoting time to daily self-care as well as the healing sessions, then this

is for you.

Month One: 1 session per week

Months Two – Four: 2 sessions per month

Months Five – Six: 1 session per month

(Note: The schedule is adjustable, but recommended in this sequence over 6 months)

Your first session will be a thorough evaluation of your energies, discussion of your healing goals, energy balancing, and instruction in self-care techniques. Each session lasts about 90 minutes and will build upon previous sessions. Assessment and self-care suggestions will be a

part of every session.You will also be given resources and ideas to explore based upon what shows up in your energetic patterns.

Using Intuition and a variety of Energy Medicine healing techniques, these sessions can help you get to the source of your dis-ease and make lasting changes.

Are you ready to significantly enhance your health, vitality, and joy?

This Six-Month Package is available for a one-time payment of $2,495.

The package may be purchased in two payments of $1,300, or in three payments of $900.

In appreciation for your commitment, I will give you a copy of The Language Your Body Speaks by Ellen Meredith to help you with your self-care program.

Download the detailed intake form here.

Do you want a shorter commitment at a great value?

Packages of Three and Six Sessions are available at a discount. These are to be used within four months of purchase to ensure that you get the most benefit from regular sessions.

or visit the Web Store to purchase.

Here's how some clients have benefited from regular sessions...

Through the years I've had the opportunity to receive many modalities of energy work. When a friend told me about Stacy I was somewhat hesitant to start a new piece of work since my small businesses were requiring a lot from me. After an initial session that left me feeling very well supported I took a few weeks to think it over and I bought her six-month package. Now I am on the road to feeling more capable of managing my day to day challenges and I believe my physical challenges are subsiding as well. I find her sessions an excellent value and highly recommend them to anyone wanting to improve their emotional and physical being. M.W.


After Every energy healing session with Stacy I come out feeling totally renewed, energized, and cleansed. I appreciate the valuable mentoring and support that I receive as well. After working with Stacy's energy treatments for 7-8 months I am seeing real progress with chronic illness and deep trauma release. I am finally able to see what I can do in life beyond my trauma and serious illness and even begin to believe that I can completely heal from these things. B.G.


After struggling for years with various symptoms, I was finally diagnosed with a debilitating autoimmune thyroid disease that affected my eyes, (severe dry eyes and losing sight) gastro system, and heart for which there is no cure—desperate and scared—I messaged Stacy. She worked on me for 90 minutes. Later that same day, my eyes were healed and remain so. Stacy restored my vision, healed my dry eyes, and is bringing balance back into my body with further treatments. She is loving, knowledgeable, dedicated, and delightful. I wish everyone would know about Stacy, about Eden Energy Medicine, and avail themselves of the ancient old practices that Stacy performs with all wisdom and kindness! Please, make an appointment; you won’t regret it! R.O.


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