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These services will return after the pandemic. Remote sessions include every tool in the toolbox based on what shows up for you in the moment.

Distance Sessions

Powerful energy shifts can be made from a distance. Sessions are by Zoom or phone. Just like an in-person session, we will assess and track your energies and follow-up with self-care tools. Be sure that you are somewhere you can relax undisturbed for the entire session.

60 Minutes (Although they may run a bit longer based on what comes up. A first session tends to take at least another 15-20 minutes - no extra fee for the time)

Therapeutic Sessions

Ongoing tracking and balancing of your energies. We will work together on the issues you bring to the table and follow the energy where it takes us. Each session is as unique as the client!

 Intake Session lasts 90 minutes and includes a detailed discussion of your health, a thorough energy   

assessment, table work, and self-care tools. This session also includes a 30-minute phone follow-up.

Ongoing Sessions 60 and 90 minute follow-up sessions to track your energy shifts and provide what you

need to continue your healing. The entire Energy Toolbox is available: Acupressure, Chakra Clearing,

Aura Work, Grounding, Energy Chiro, Shifting and Clearing Energy Habits, and much more.

Energy Medicine plus Reflexology

A powerful combination of modalities which will leave you relaxed yet energized.

Energy Balance with Foot Reflexology 60 Minutes.A quick energy balance allows the work we do in a

session to last much longer. Working on the feet can release stagnation and imbalance throughout the

entire body. 

Hand and Foot Reflexology with Energy Balance 90 Minutes. A quick energy balance allows the   

 work we do in a session to last much longer. Working on the hands and feet can release stagnation and

imbalance throughout the entire body.

Deep Energy Detox & Reflexology 90 Minutes. Detoxing the body should always start with your

energy. This session includes a general balancing of your energies as well as pulling toxins out through

energy meridians to leave you feeling relaxed and balanced. Combine that with Foot Reflexology, which

further helps to detoxify and balance the entire body, and you are sure to leave feeling renewed.

Hot Stone Foot Reflexology 30 Minute add-on. Complete your Energy Medicine session with a deeply

relaxing Hot Stone Foot Reflexology treat!

Mentoring - Energy Medicine and Intuition for Practitioners of any Energy Modality

Do you feel stuck with challenging clients or patterns that won't shift? Are you curious about expanding your intuitive skills to enhance your practice? Would you like to integrate your unique gifts into the skill set you have studied? Let's talk about mentoring opportunities!

Mentoring sessions run 60 or 90 minutes and take place over Zoom. These sessions can include energy work for yourself too. Please use the form to the right to request more information. Single mentoring sessions and packages are available.

About Energy Medicine Sessions

In Eden Energy Medicine (EEM) we use Energy Testing (a.k.a. Applied Kinesiology or Muscle Testing: see the Links page for more information) to test the flow of energy and find imbalances in your body. This allows us to check that energy corrections have been effective and allows us to track ongoing imbalances so we may go deeper into treating the source of the problem, not just the symptoms. Every client is unique and we do not assume a one-to-one correlation between cause and symptom.

If the client is able, much of the testing and self-care techniques are done standing, but they may easily be adapted for those with limited mobility. The rest of the session is done on a table with the client fully clothed. There is touch involved, applying various levels of pressure depending on the system being worked. With extreme sensitivities, most of this work can also be done a few inches away form the body in the client's energy field. If any touch is uncomfortable it is your right and responsibility to speak up.

Much of the time, Energy Medicine sessions are very relaxing. There are times when emotions can be stirred up. Emotional release is common during energy work because body, mind and spirit are deeply connected. When we work with a physical issue, we may touch the source of the imbalance and trigger strong emotions. EEM practitioners are not mental health professionals and do not analyze the emotions that arise. We will hold space for emotional release and help the client through any distress. There are EEM techniques to work with the energies of emotions and overwhelm which can be done for you in session as well as taught to you as self-care techniques.

Please ask questions and speak up before, during and after sessions if you have any concerns. Communication is vital as we are partners on your healing journey.

Session Rates

Distance Session  

Intake Session



Therapuetic Session

60 Minutes 


90 Minutes 


Reflexolgy Sessions

60 Minute Balance - Feet


90 Minute Balance - Hands & Feet


Deep Detox with Reflexology


Hot Stone Reflexology add-on



   60 Minutes

   90 Minutes




Important Documents

Please print and fill out for your first session:

Request More Information


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