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Energy Medicine Changed My Life!

Like so many others, I came to Energy Medicine because of my own health issues. A depleted immune system and life-threatening allergies were not something Western Medicine seemed to be able to contend with. My allergist could only recommend avoidance and carrying an epi-pen. I felt that living in a bubble (to which I would probably react) was not living, so I sought alternative therapies.

Eventually finding my way to an Energy Medicine/Energy Psychology practitioner, my immune system rebounded and I no longer feared dying from an allergic reaction. After a few years of being a client, I decided to enter the two-year Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program, from which I graduated in 2012. 

Since certification I have been taking advanced classes with various Energy Medicine Practitioners including Ellen Meredith, Melanie Smith, Sara Allen, and Susan Stone. These trainings have included Energy Chiro (working with structure on an energetic level), Storyline Track and Balance (working with the habit field), Energy Wisdom (working with the issues underlying imbalances), Energy Medicine for Brain Health, Shock and Irregular Energies, and much more.

I am happy to report that working with my own energies over time and using some advanced techniques, my allergies are gone. I feel happier and healthier than at any time in my life. I have gone from merely surviving to thriving. 

What I find most exciting about Energy Medicine is that as a practitioner I am a partner in my clients' healing journey. This is not just hands-on treatment, but a process of discovery and education. Every session involves the client learning self-care techniques to help hold the energy balancing of the sessions and to allow deeper work to be done. 

Stacy L. Newman

Intuitive and Energy Medicine Practitioner

Distance Healing Sessions are available. Work with Stacy from anywhere in the world!

By Phone or Zoom

Why Energy Medicine?

Boost Your Vitality

Relieve Allergies

Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Improve Chronic Conditions

Control Weight

Balance Hormonal Issues

Improve Autoimmune Disorders

Manage Pain

Sharpen Your Memory

Alleviate Insomnia

Enhance Wellbeing

Stacy L. Newman          

Intuitive Energy Medicine Practitioner

Private Energy Medicine Workshops now available in your home!

Perfect for small groups of friends. Topics include: Energy Self-Care Basics, Energy Medicine for Women, Acupressure for What Ails You, & Energy Medicine for the Sensitive Soul.

Classes run about 90 minutes plus 30 minutes for questions and discussion.

Minimum of 6 paid participants (host is free when minimum is met). Extra charge may apply for travel time.

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