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How Donna Eden's Daily Energy Routine Changed My Life

Can 5 to 10 minutes a day change your life? It certainly changed mine.


In 2005 my life was turned upside down. A flood had destroyed my business and my immune system. I was too ill to work for about six months. With no good answers from Western Medicine, I turned to an amazing osteopath who had a protocol for working with allergies. Dr. Sherri Tenpenny and her staff did an amazing job using acupuncture to reduce my allergic reactions (everything from mold to plastics). However I was still anaphylactic to latex and tropical tree fruit – a big problem because the drywall at my business had been sealed with a latex compound to keep moisture out. I really was allergic to my job!


So in 2006 Dr. Tenpenny referred me to Dr. Doug Moore, a psychologist who practices both Energy Medicine and Energy psychology. We worked together on the emotional component of my remaining allergies using EFT. Doug also did Energy Medicine with me and taught me Donna Eden's Daily Energy Routine. While I continued to see Doug for deeper energy work on the table, I was empowered to work with my own energies and find my way back to health.


While I was still allergic to my shop I decided to become trained as an Energy Medicine practitioner. I had loved my life as a chocolatier (hence Sweet Energies), but my illness had presented me with my true calling. I have become passionate about helping others discover their own capacity for healing. I continued to work on myself with the Daily Energy Routine as well as other techniques I had learned through my training and my health and resilience continued to improve. I am so happy and grateful to share that I am now free of all of my allergies – no more epi-pen for emergencies and no more fear. I was even able to go back to making chocolate in the same building.


So how can I help you? I am looking forward to teaching you how to harness your own healing abilities and reclaim your health with the Daily Energy Routine and other great self-care tools. Please join me for one, two, or all three of my upcoming workshops at Partners to Empowerment Wellness Center. Do you want to go deeper? Private sessions combined with the self-care exercises address your own unique energies and empower you to thrive.

Do you want to see Donna demonstrate the Daily Energy Routine? You can find it here.


Wishing You Health and Radiance,


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